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RE: security and cygwin

> >Are there any other security related issues I should know about?  I
> >to assume that cygwin as installed is safe until I have time to look
> >into it, so I am hoping that my faith is not misplaced.
> Strange that you should ask this question now, since you admit to
> Cygwin prior to all this and apparently this wasn't a concern then.
> matter.  See the FAQ entry:
> How secure is Cygwin in a multi-user environment?
> <>

Thanks, but that does not answer my question.  I do not know what
daemons are running.  I did not start any.  I assume some are started in
the installation process but I don't know how to find out which they
are.  I just searched the FAQs for any other mention of "daemon" and
found none.  I have also checked the User's guide but it does not seem
to contain any relevant info that I can see.  There should never be any
users logged in remotely to my cygwin and if there is something I have
to do to enforce that, that's part of what I want to know.  I should
also be the only one using sftp, ssh, etc. With the previous version of
cygwin, I was able to sftp and ssh from cygwin to other machines but not
from other machines to  my desktop computer.  I hope that is still the
case.  I'll check it eventually, but as mentioned, I have a
more-than-full time job as other than an UNIX programmer or system
administrator and I cannot just stop and spend a month setting up
cygwin.  In the past I didn't have to.  The lack of relevant
documentation and the complexity of the current setup and install
process are extremely frustrating. 

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