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Re: Login behaviour oddities: won't run .profile

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, John Morrison wrote:

> > One solution is to remove /etc/skel/.bash_profile after the installs
> > (maybe even in your own site-specific postinstall script).  I don't know
> > if the base-files postinstall script will re-create that file, though --
> > if it does, it needs to be fixed.
> The base-files postinstall script will attempt to recreate its files
> if they don't exist, it can't differentiate between deleted and clean install
> (do any?).

Whoops, you're right.  I didn't think it through, sorry.

> If you want to use a ~/.profile instead change /etc/skel/.bash_profile to
> be something along the lines of
> source ~/.profile
> Base-files *will not* (now) overwrite a user modified file.
> Would this be sufficient?

Right.  That would work (and, of course, will eliminate any chance of
having different profile settings for bash and sh).

> I don't know how to improve this... make a note during preremove of any
> of the manifest files missing and don't create them upon installation?
> Possible I suppose...

Mmm, probably not worth the bother.  Besides, what do you do then if you
*add* a new /etc/skel file to the base-files package?
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