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Re: Running cmd programs in cygwin / rxvt

Andrew DeFaria wrote:

> > What you're seeing is caused by the output of the program going
> > through a tty (or pty as the case may be.) When you run it from a
> > straight cmd.exe it's not using tty code (unless you have CYGWIN=tty
> > set.) From my meagre knowledge of the subject it has to do with the
> > program not explicitly flushing stdout (or not knowing that it needs
> > to as this is usually not required under windows.)
> Is there a CYGWIN setting to tell rxvt not to use ptys?

I don't think that would do any good.  rxvt is a posix program and
expects an environment where it has ptys that it can use.  Without pty
support it would likely complain loudly and refuse to run.

Again, I'm pontificating on something I know little about here, but I'm
guessing one solution might be some kind of kludge in the cygwin layer
that would attempt to detect when a native app is doing buffered writes
to a pty and autoflush after each call.  But, just a WAG.  It might even
be out of cygwin's control, if the buffering is done in the CRT of the


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