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Cygwin-specific Libtool patches (Was Re: Is cygffi.dll needed for SableVM JVM?)

Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

It is as is for backward compatibility, new created DLLs don't need
all the stuff with __declspec(import/export), however, some libs still
use it and if you link against one which uses import/export
definitions it may break things when using pass_all.   Then there are
still some problems with exporting data, so it may also be needed to
use import/export definitions with DLLs containing data, and then it
would break too.  As long as you have libraries which don't use
import/export definitions and since all code is PIC on Windows anyway,
you may safely use pass_all.

I was wondering whether you know if there are pending patches from Cygwin developers for GNU Libtool, as they are preparing Libtool 2.0, so it would be nice to have those included, if possible :) The Libtool upstream is very cooperative and responsive to patches in my experience.

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