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Re: FW: problems with new installation, followon to my questions of Sept 14, 20:22

At 02:59 PM 9/18/2004, you wrote:


>Gosh this is irritating.  I did not intentionally send 'mime type
>"text/html"'.  Ok, fixed that annoying Outlook default "feature".  Do
>you recommend Mozilla Thuderbird?

<sic>.  Sure do! :-)

>From: Koskie, Sarah 
>Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2004 1:10 PM
>To: ''


>Subject: FW: problems with new installation, followon to my questions of
>Sept 14, 20:22
>Ok, I tried to send the output of cygcheck as an attachment, but your
>mailer refused it.  I have included it at the end of the message.

Please don't do that.  If you attach a file with the simple text output
of 'cygcheck -srv', the list's mailer will pass it through just fine.


>In /etc/passwd, there are the following "users":  SYSTEM,
>Administrators, HelpAssistant, ntguest, SUPPORT_388945a0, testman in
>addition to me.  Since no one but me is supposed to be using cygwin, and
>our computer services people certainly aren't going to help support it,
>should I delete some of these users, and if so, what is the appropriate

Leave this stuff as is.  If you feel you must make a change here, SYSTEM and
Administrators are required users for Windows, so I don't recommend deleting
them.  The rest are peculiar to your environment.  But *all* of these users
are Windows users.  If you don't want any or all to show up under Cygwin, 
your best bet is to remove them via Windows and regenerate your '/etc/passwd'
(mkpasswd -l >/etc/passwd) and '/etc/group' (mkgroup -l >/etc/group).  

>Are there any other security related issues I should know about?  I have
>to assume that cygwin as installed is safe until I have time to look
>into it, so I am hoping that my faith is not misplaced.

Strange that you should ask this question now, since you admit to using 
Cygwin prior to all this and apparently this wasn't a concern then.  No 
matter.  See the FAQ entry:

How secure is Cygwin in a multi-user environment?

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