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Re[2]: cygwin compiled on Linux for Wiindows

Dear Jani tiainen,

--Sunday, September 19, 2004, 9:33:42 AM, you wrote to

Jt> If you compile it under Cygwin _and_ link your app against _any_ GPL
Jt> library (including cygwin1.dll in Windoze) your application license must
Jt> be GPL. You still hold copyright for your original work (and your later
Jt> modifications) and thus can do anything with that piece of code eg. 
Jt> there is some examples (like MySQL) that uses dual licensing, one which
Jt> is GPL and one commercial.

Most  libraries  (Cygwin  is exception) come with LGPL, not GPL license.
LGPL  allows  you  to  create commercial application linked against this
library  as  long  as  you  provide a way to replace LGPLed library (for
example application links to library dynamically).

In  some  cases  it's  still  possible  to  use  some GPLed libraries in
commerce  application,  if application is not "derived work" in terms of
GPL  (for  example  you  can use GPLed plugins as long as you distribute
plugin  apart  from  you  application  and you distribute plugin in open
source under GPL).

Additionally,  there  is  a  lot  of  difference "freeware" licenses and
"public domain" code, not covered by any license.

As  for  Cygwin:  yes,  according to GPL all derived work must be GPLed.

Copyright  question  is  not  so simple as you may think, but it primary
depends on the contracts between you and your employer.

Èáî ôàêòû åñòü ôàêòû, è èçëîæåíû îíè ëèøü äëÿ òîãî, ÷òîáû èõ ïîíÿëè è â íèõ ïîâåðèëè. (Òâåí)

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