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Re: cygwin compiled on Linux for Wiindows

Bobby McNulty wrote:
Jani tiainen wrote:

Bobby McNulty Junior wrote:

I'm build Cygwin on Linux. This will be transfered to Windows.
In other other words, guys, I'm back to pragramming for Cygwin.
Do I have to turn in a copyright assignment? i don't work for a company. I'm freelance.
This is my hobby.

Where these started to came from..?

Don't confuse copyright and license. They are two different subjects and partly different laws applies to them, copyright is covered by copyright laws, license is basically contract between you and other people and is covered by contract (or similiar) laws.

If you compile it under Cygwin _and_ link your app against _any_ GPL library (including cygwin1.dll in Windoze) your application license must be GPL. You still hold copyright for your original work (and your later modifications) and thus can do anything with that piece of code eg. there is some examples (like MySQL) that uses dual licensing, one which is GPL and one commercial.

OK. So I don't need a copyright assignment. What if I wanted to make changes to the Cygwin dll and wanted to turn those over to the Cygwin team to be incl.uded in the dll for others to use?

Well, you don't need, but copyright assignment is automatical in most cases, so you do have copyright for your own work, wanted or not (see later text).. =)

Well, since cygwin is GPL licensed you can change how ever you fit in your purpose as long as you publish sources.

But for Cygwin community it's better to use "official" channels to maintain changes etc. There is FAQ and docs about that in Cygwin site.

I really would like to have my users (or anyone who wanted to uses these programs) to be able to use them. If I could, I would rather just distribuute the current DLL and the source code to the DLL and the program I was working on at the time.

Well you can distribute cygwin1.dll and sources for it or point out users to install Cygwin.

I know what GPL is. I understand that Cygwin requires a copyright assignmnent. But. I'm freelance. I don't have an employer, so as far as that goes. I can't contribute because i don't have a job.

Now you got it wrong. Copyright is something that you "can't buy", copyright is property for something you create and you own copyright to your work, exclusively without any special assignment. If you're working for a company in most cases programs that you create at your work time are copyrighted by that company, nyt by you as individual. But on the other times, copyright is owned by you.

GPL in turn is a license, a contract, an agreement that how you can use that particular piece of work. One of essential parts of GPL is to permit others to modify and pass those modifications further, but they have to publish their modifications.

On the other, I am profiecient in C, BASIC and Pascal. So I can make the mods needed to the dll. I can follow the bug report givin by the faulty program, and I can repair it. I'm not stupid, you see, I've been programming since 1983. C since 1987, Pascal since 1988. Out of all those, my favorite language is C. I have an internet buddy who was using Turbo C in 1996. I had been leaning Mix Power C. I got real good at it. Graphics was a speciality. But I could to other things. I wrote a program one day that would only pretend to delete files off of a hard drive. Pretend is the key. It never overwrote anything. And to stop it, simple. I had it set up so a simple CTRL C would stop it.
All it did was read a file to simulate erasing a file. My friend added that. I was just using the program as a joke, and I had a severe mood swing. Big deal. That program is lost, along with others I had worked on. My goal about the Cygwin Dll is to make it compatible with new versions of Windows as they come out. That is all. I'm using Windows XP and Linux. Under Windows XP, I have Cygwin. In an 8 GB section of my hard drive I have Linux. So, I can use all three at any time.
If there is a problem, I can get right at it. I'm quick at solving problems. Over on Linux, I'm building autoconf 2.59, automake 1.9.1, binutils 2.15, and gcc 3.4.2. When I get back to Linux in a bit, I'm finishing what i started. My dad had an emergency. He could not get out on the internet. I found the problem. For some reasone, Internet Explorer was set to a webpage on his drive that called for a DNS error. Claimed it could not get out. I looked at that. He told me that the Antivirus program could get update. I used Internet Options and reset to home page to MSN. Now, he can get out.
I've been solving my family's program since they each recieved computers. My mom in 1997, my dad since 2000. My youngest brother offically went online in 2000, while my middle brother had been online since 1987. He was a Compuserve user.
I don't have a webpage any more. But I am thinking about setting one up under Windows, one to run 6 hours, just long enough for users to get updates from me.
I was write music and stories, check email, web surf, and watch TV. I do work, but I play too.
I do a lot of things when I'm not online.

Long list that I can't see how they're related to copyright or licensing.

BTW, have you ever tried to run Windoze + Cygwin and Linux simultaenously. Works great.


Jani Tiainen

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