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Re: cygwin compiled on Linux for Wiindows

Jani tiainen wrote:

Bobby McNulty Junior wrote:

I'm build Cygwin on Linux. This will be transfered to Windows.
In other other words, guys, I'm back to pragramming for Cygwin.
Do I have to turn in a copyright assignment? i don't work for a company. I'm freelance.
This is my hobby.

Where these started to came from..?

Don't confuse copyright and license. They are two different subjects and partly different laws applies to them, copyright is covered by copyright laws, license is basically contract between you and other people and is covered by contract (or similiar) laws.

If you compile it under Cygwin _and_ link your app against _any_ GPL library (including cygwin1.dll in Windoze) your application license must be GPL. You still hold copyright for your original work (and your later modifications) and thus can do anything with that piece of code eg. there is some examples (like MySQL) that uses dual licensing, one which is GPL and one commercial.

Its a hobby. I was wondering if I needed a copyright assignment to work on the dll

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