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Re: Very annoying bash problem

On Sat, 18 Sep 2004, Bertalan Fodor wrote:

> Hello,
> starting bash on my Windows XP computer (1GHz, 512MB) takes more than one
> minute!!! It seems as it reads a lot of things from the hard disk, but it
> writes nothing (as the free space doesn't change). It doesn't allocate memory
> as well. This also happens on my Windows 2000 (1.8GHz, 512MB) after a fresh
> install of cygwin, only it is not so much time.
> It appeared some months ago. The previous cygwin versions hadn't had this
> problem before.
> Bert

How do you start bash?  If you start a login shell, try a non-login
instead, and see if it still exhibits this problem.  The --noprofile and
--norc flags should help you determine whether something in your startup
files is the culprit.  If it turns out that something in the startup files
is causing the slowdown, the -v and -x flags should help.  If bash itself
is slow, there's always strace.
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