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Re: Problem with cat under bash shell

Dave Korn wrote:

--- Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin SPROING! cygwin WHIZZ! com> wrote:

On Sep 16 10:47, Lionel Barnett wrote:

--- Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin OOPS! cygwin SPLAT! com> wrote:

Hey Lionel, read, let's not feed the spam harvesters huh?

Oops, my bad... new account (I would've thought, though, that any self-respecting spambot could parse "blah at blah dot blah" pretty easily).

Ah! Gottit! Well, looks like my guess wasn't right.....;en-us;837665

  Lionel, is your server win 2003?  If so, there's a hotfix for the problem
at the above page.

No, it's W2K, actually.

  The fact that mounting your /tmp on a remote drive is a pretty rare thing
would be another reason.  Remote home dirs, yes, remote /bin dirs yes,
remote /tmp...... not so commonly done.  Owing to a) there's generally no
need nor use for sharing the contents of /tmp with other users and b) it
gets used pretty heavily and mostly for temporary files and data that are
going to be needed again imminently, so for efficiency purposes it would be
nice if the data didn't have to make a round-trip across the network to a
server and then back again when it could just stay on your local machine
where it's needed in the first place.

Agreed - things are actually noticeably zippier with a local /tmp (particularly as our network is somewhat crapulous).

As to how/why we ended up with a remote /tmp is as follows: our work setup is that most of our (shared) software - including Cygwin - sits on a shared drive on machine S, say. We generally terminal serve in to machines A, B, C, ... over the network and run stuff from there (which may access fs's on machines X, Y, Z...). Now since the default Cygwin install sets up /tmp as... well, /tmp, under our setup this means /tmp sits on machine S which will be remote as far as machines A, B, C are concerned. I wouldn't have thought this to be such an uncommon setup.

Hence the solution to symlink /tmp to /cygdrive/c/temp, as this is guaranteed to be local. Perhaps this could get a mention in the FAQ/Install notes?


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