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Problem with

Dear All,

I came across a problem when installing ncurses-5.3
source using the setup utility. The problem is in the script which is called
by the primary install script The
patch script begins by unconditionally deleting some
extracted files e.g. lib_insstr.c extracted and then
calls the command "patch" expected in /bin. On my
system at the time of installation I did not have the
patch utility installed - in setup this is a seperate
download, so the script ran something like this:

patch: not found
patch: not found
patch: not found
...unable to make target lib_insstr.c required by

Basically because the file was deleted and /bin/patch
not available to apply the corrections to the make
files, control is passed back to the parent shell
script then the subsequent make process falls over
with a fatal error. (Interestingly the patch script
seems to exit with status 0 or the install script
would fail?).

Naturally I was able to correct the problem by
installing the patch utility and reinstalling, but in
the supplied INSTALL document, it was not listed as a

I see two ways of fixing this issue:

1. Modify to check for
existence of patch utility, if not then exit with
non-zero exit status and appropriate error message.
2. Include patch utility with the package (maybe
modify setup utility?)

(I suppose there would be a third option just to
modify the INSTALL document to list patch as a

Thanks and regards,

Adrian Ford

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