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Re: apache2 as service

On Sep 17, 2004, at 9:18 AM, Prakash Khemani wrote:


I compiled & installed apache2 on cygwin+WinXP. I am able to use it fine
- but I am not able to install it as a service.

The run as User in the httpd.conf file is SYSTEM.

I installed apache2 asa service using the following command

cygrunsrv -I cygapache -p /usr/local/apache2/bin/httpd.exe -a "-k start"
-t auto

I'll assume that it seemed to install correctly. As a quick simple sanity check try typing the command in a bash prompt and see what happens. Make sure that starts ok. If it goes to the background, you will need to find the parameter that keeps apache in the foreground. cygrunsrv needs this. Otherwise it can say that the service has not started when it is running.

When I try to start it
cygrunsrv -S cygapache

I get the following error

cygrunsrv: Error starting a service: QueryServiceStatus:  Win32 error
The service has not been started.

Nothing is written to /var/log/cygaapche.log or to

Check the windows event viewer for more logs. Might be nothing, but might also give hints to what may be happening.

The pid stored in changes but the httpd processes don't show
up on doing ps -ae

Almost sounds like apache wants to start, but is encountering a problem.

What am I doing wrong?

I compiled and installed apache2 as the network user ENG/khemani. I had
to change the permissions on apache2/logs directory to be able to run
apache2 as the user SYSTEM.

What more should I do?
Configuration problems. File permissions. Check them all.

Thanks, Prakash

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