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Re: Bash returns incorrect process status

On 16 Sep, Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
>  But bash seems to keep at least CHILD_MAX jobs, each one of them possibly 
>  with many (unbounded) processes. It is very easy to produce situations 
>  where bash keeps track of thousands of pids. Many of those pids (e.g. the 
>  first ones in pipelines) will have been waited on, and nothing prevents the 
>  OS from reusing them. Pid aliasing can easily occur even if the OS never 
>  reuses a pid in CHILD_MAX consecutive forks from a process. 

I'm coming in to this discussion late, and this is probably way off
topic.  But I once thought bash wasn't reporting status of the previous
command properly (as reported via $?), when what was really happening
was that I was executing other commands as part of my bash prompt, and
bash was reporting the (successful) status of the last of those

I.e. I'd get a different result by doing:

    if [ $? = 0 ]
    then ...

and doing

    some-command && ...


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