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Re: Problem in Cygwin-X...

On 17 Sep, Moises Deangelo wrote:
>  Please
>  I installed cygwin in my windows 2000 with service pack 4.
>  I download the complete version of cygwin.
>  But the graphic interface does not work by any means
>  Cygwin-X does not run.
>  Any applications do not accuse no mistake, simply do not initiate.
>  Other introduce the following mistake:
>  ERROR: could not start C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\xdvi -display
>  Can anybody help to do the graphic interface to work? 
>  Moises Deangelo.

For us, for many months now, X11 hasn't worked after any fresh Cygwin
install, due to the "missing font "fixed" problem) - see

In fact, our install process now runs setup, runs various commands as
per the faq entry above, then re-runs setup and requires the user to
re-install the X fonts.  After that X will work.

On top of that, there were changes to -multiwindow and other parameters.
We now default to starting X in a way that boils down to this:

xinit -- -rootless -clipboard -logfile /tmp/XWin.log.$USER

The .$USER is important if multiple people may use the machine - the
default choice of /tmp/XWin.log will make X fail to start because a
later user won't have write permissions on /tmp/XWin.log.

Anyway, try the above, and check out the contents of the log file to
help work out what's going wrong.


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