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Re: So how do you uninstall Cygwin?

On 16 Sep, Brian Dessent wrote:
>  > I'm wondering how I get the machine back into a pristine state to try a 
>  > re-install, since perhaps some of our post-install changes screwed 
>  > things up.  (ssh normally works just fine.) 
>  Remove any services you might have installed ("cygrunsrv -R ssh") and 
>  remove all entries from the mount table ("umount -a") and that should 
>  pretty much do it, assuming of course you removed the main installation 
>  directory as well. 

Okay.  While this wouldn't undo changes made by ssh-host-config to
c:/windows/services, I don't really think that'd be the source of the

>  Personally, though, if I were you and trying to fix ssh I'd worry just 
>  about ssh.  Remove the service and any created files (pid, log, 
>  $HOME/.ssh, etc.) and then re-reun ssh-{host,user}-config.  Removing 
>  everything and reinstalling "pristine" is one of those things that 
>  everyone likes to do but it always seemed to me like the equivalent of 
>  crushing the entire car and melting it down to raw scrap steel to fix 
>  the scratch in the side of the door.  But, I will admit, it does work in 
>  a lot of cases (due to e.g. permission errors on the original install.) 
>  Brian 

Very true.  Yeah, I should at least do that.  And I just now saw your
note about ssh-user-config and realised that I didn't know about it at
all - so I may have some more fruitful avenues to pursue than I thought.

Many thanks,


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