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Re: Can /proc be made to reference Win processes?

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, linda w wrote:

> I know 'ps' can reference win processes with the "-W" switch.

Sure, because it's a specially written Cygwin program, not a stock Unix
"ps".  "procps", which *is* a stock Unix program ported to Cygwin, can't.

> I was wondering if there was a value I could place in the CYGWIN env-var, or
> or if "/proc" might be 'mountable', thus allowing passing of a similar "-W"
> switch in the /proc mount to allow showing of all win processes?

No, there is no such switch.  Why would you need it?  The Windows
processes aren't likely to have all of the information that /proc provides
anyway...  BTW, /proc isn't a mount, it's a virtual directory (which means
it's functionality provided by the Cygwin DLL itself, rather than a path
translation thing).  As always, <>, but I
doubt it'll be considered very favorably in this case.
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