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OpenSSH public key authentication: suspicios in domain environment.

Suppose, I have Windows XP workstation (TEX), member of domain DOM
(Microsoft Windows Networking), and Cygwin/SSH daemon are running
on this workstation (TEX).

Suppose, on TEX, I set up record in /etc/passwd for domain user DOMUSR.

If I logon on TEX as DOMUSR with password authentication, this logon
is indistinguishable from regular local logon to TEX:

   - record in Security Log appeares
   - command shell is assigned with identical Access Token, and
   - command shell is running under DOMUSR account.

But, if I try to logon on TEX as DOMUSR with public key authentication,
logon succeeds, but strange things appears:

   - *NO* record appears in Security Log about logon event.
   - command shell has strange Access Token, in particular, it does
     not contain these SIDS:
         - Logon SID  (S-1-5-5-0-...)
         - S-1-2-0  \LOCAL
   - command shell holds all privileges enabled (like SYSTEM process),
     whereas some of the privileges should be disabled.
   - some utilities consider command shell process as running under
     "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" account, in particular, "whoami.exe" from
     "Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools".

Could anybody comment this ?

-- -
TOR Trade Company, IT Department,
Konstantin Andreev.

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