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RE: Bizarre behaviour of "make --win32"

> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Bob Byrnes
> Sent: 16 September 2004 01:31

> On Sep 15,  1:18pm, Dave Korn" wrote:
> -- Subject: RE: Bizarre behaviour of "make --win32"
> > 
> > The only thing that has been going wrong here is that when 
> make invokes
> > the command through execvp it runs in the same unix-y 
> environment that make
> > is running in itself, which defies the purpose of the 
> --win32 switch; when
> > the redirection of the command disables this optimisation, 
> it correctly
> > launches cmd.exe to execute subcommands.
> If your goal is to *always* use cmd.exe, i.e., to completely disable
> the optimization, then it should suffice to add ...
>     SHELL = cmd.exe
> ... to your Makefile (you would still use make --win32 in 
> order to enable
> various other win32-style Makefile syntax rules).

  Yep, 'doze-style path support is one of the other things I needed here.
Actually, I noticed something a bit tricky:  even with --win32, you can't
easily manipulate file paths with spaces in them, because space is used as a
word separator in make variables, and they don't understand any form of
quoting or escaping spaces to make multiple words count as one.....

 (Personally, I'd rather have done the whole thing in posix shell, but there
ya go: I've got a mixed and heterogeneous working environment to support

> I would tend to agree that the run-simple-commands-directly 
> optimization
> is not so useful, or arguably even a bug, for make --win32.  The
> optimization is not supposed to affect how the programs run, and it
> clearly does.

 .... now looking at construct_command_argv and
construct_command_argv_internal in job.c ....

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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