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RE: Bizarre behaviour of "make --win32"

On Sep 15,  1:18pm, Dave Korn" wrote:
-- Subject: RE: Bizarre behaviour of "make --win32"
> The only thing that has been going wrong here is that when make invokes
> the command through execvp it runs in the same unix-y environment that make
> is running in itself, which defies the purpose of the --win32 switch; when
> the redirection of the command disables this optimisation, it correctly
> launches cmd.exe to execute subcommands.

If your goal is to *always* use cmd.exe, i.e., to completely disable
the optimization, then it should suffice to add ...

    SHELL = cmd.exe

... to your Makefile (you would still use make --win32 in order to enable
various other win32-style Makefile syntax rules).

> --win32 is supposed to use cmd.exe rather than sh.exe to launch
> subprocesses, in order to understand windoze-style backslash-separated paths
> without having to double up all the backslashes to avoid them being taken as
> metachar escapes by the *nix shell.  So it's basically wrong behaviour: this
> optimisation effectively launches the subprocess within a unix environment
> rather than a cmd.exe environment, regardless of MAKE_MODE.
-- End of excerpt from "Dave Korn"

I would tend to agree that the run-simple-commands-directly optimization
is not so useful, or arguably even a bug, for make --win32.  The
optimization is not supposed to affect how the programs run, and it
clearly does.


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