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Re: Program terminates with "cygheap version mismatch detected"

On Sep 15, 2004, at 5:54 AM, Joshua Wright wrote:

Jörg Schaible wrote:
c:\DEV\testing\asleap.exe (988): *** cygheap version mismatch detected - 0x61780000/0xBF0000. You have multiple copies of cygwin1.dll on your system.

From your cygcheck output I've seen that you have or had a B15
running ... do you still use it? Even it the dll name is cygwin.dll
(just a guess, B15 was not my time <g>), it might already allocate
the same shared memory than cygwin1.dll.

I tried to remove all instances of Cygwin from my system in an effort to troubleshoot:
+ Did a find with regedit and removed any keys with "cyg" in them
+ Removed the c:\cygwin tree
+ Did a Windows Find on "cyg" and removed all files

Reinstalled cygwin, rebooted. Same error. :(

Any other thoughts? Possibly a problem with Windows XP SP2? I'm not sure what to try next

Maybe off the wall, but keep the program that you are trying to run. Remove the cygwin tree (c:\cygwin) and then try running the exe again. See what happens. If the program runs, then there is a cygwin1.dll outside of the tree. Check the path that the program uses to see where the dll might be lurking.

Could the dll have a different name then cygwin1? Where I work we've created a special dll with a different name to prevent cross over problems from the regular cygwin dll. When running a regular cygwin program in this custom space (i.e. start from bash in custom environment) the error message you've seen appears.

Again off the wall things to try and check.


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