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Re: Program terminates with "cygheap version mismatch detected"

Jörg Schaible wrote:
c:\DEV\testing\asleap.exe (988): *** cygheap version mismatch detected - 0x61780000/0xBF0000. You have multiple copies of cygwin1.dll on your system.

From your cygcheck output I've seen that you have or had a B15
running ... do you still use it? Even it the dll name is cygwin.dll
(just a guess, B15 was not my time <g>), it might already allocate
the same shared memory than cygwin1.dll.

I tried to remove all instances of Cygwin from my system in an effort to troubleshoot:
+ Did a find with regedit and removed any keys with "cyg" in them
+ Removed the c:\cygwin tree
+ Did a Windows Find on "cyg" and removed all files

Reinstalled cygwin, rebooted. Same error. :(

Any other thoughts? Possibly a problem with Windows XP SP2? I'm not sure what to try next.



-- -Joshua Wright

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