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Cygwin on a stick

I managed to acquire a 2.0G USB stick (actually 1970M) and formatted it
FAT32 using Disk Manager into clusters of size 512B. (The default Explorer
"format" creates clusters that are larger than this, leading to too much
wasted space.) The  whole of Cygwin on this medium takes 1570M leaving 400M
free (for whatever you might want to put under /home/ or /usr/local/ or
wherever). It's remarkable.

Minor issue: can anybody help at all please? The stick is constantly being
accessed, something I have not noticed with any other USB device I have used
(64M, 256M, 1.0G, 40G). In Disk Manager the drive is shown as "Healthy
(Active)" in contrast to all others shown as merely "Healthy" apart from the
C: drive shown as "Healthy (System)".

I'm guessing that by contriving to remove the Active status of the stick,
I'll stop this constant monitoring. Messing around with Right-Click etc in
Disk Manager has got me nowhere. If you know how to turn this off I'd be
very grateful.



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