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Re: Problem executing a .bat script in a directory with spaces us ing bash

> Christopher Cobb wrote:
> > Conclusion: cmd.exe command line processing is brain dead.
> > 
> > Among the problems are that cmd.exe looks for /exactly/ one pair of
quotes and
> > no more (see my previous message).  And that (double) quotes are the
/only/ way
> > of quoting spaces.
> Wow.  Hideous.
> I wonder if there would be any demand for a small compiled wrapper
> program that understands cygwin mounts and posix paths, but is a win32
> app and calls the win32 or nt api directly to avoid all the quoting
> ridiculousless.  It would Just Do What I Mean(tm) when called from
> either cygwin or cmd, and be able to launch bat files, cmd files, any
> other script-file associations known to Windows, with shebang support as
> well.

Hideous, indeed. I always try to use a short file name for the executable
with CMD.exe -- saves *lots* of headaches and time.

I'm not sure how Sean is trying to launch the batch file (ie, from a batch
file, or compiled executable, etc) so how you would get a sfn would vary
(and I can only really speak on the Win side), but if you know the batch
exists, [cygpath -d "path\file.bat"] should give it in a usable manner.


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