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Bizarre behaviour of "make --win32"

     Afternoon folks,
  When I use make with the "--win32" flag, it is supposed to use cmd.exe
rather than sh.exe to spawn the command lines that are used to build a
target, isn't it?

  For some strange reason, however, its behaviour varies according to
whether or not the command line includes stdout redirection.

  It appears to be using sh.exe, regardless of the --win32 flag.  But if I
add stdout redirection to the command in question, it uses cmd.exe.

  As it happens, in my particular setup this then causes it to fail in a
fairly amusing fashion with ntvdm trying to execute what are very clearly
ascii chars rather than opcodes, because cmd isn't able to follow a cygwin
symlink, but that's a side issue.  The point is that I want to get
consistent behaviour.

  So, a couple of quick questions, just to confirm I'm not barking up a tree
other than the right one:

1)  Is this the right place for discussing the --win32 flag?  It doesn't
seem to exist in the upstream gnu sources, so I was wondering if it's a
cygwin speciality, or if I should take it up with mingw?

2)  Is this behaviour known / intended / understood?

3)  Would anyone like to see my (very) minimal testcase?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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