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Re: HELP: How to disable killing of Bash Shell window with mouse?

Thorsten Kampe schrieb:
* Pekka Niiranen (2004-09-13 18:19 +0200)
Killing Cygwin Shell Window with mouse leaves bash.exe running.
which can be seen from W2K task manager. How can I disable
X -button from the Shell Windows so that the user is forced
to TYPE "exit" on command prompt? Recompiling?

Recompile what? Cmd exe? Bash is a shell and knows nothing about the Windows Console "X" button.

Show them [Ctrl-d] which is anyway faster than grabbing the mouse. If
they still do it - hit 'em on the head with a stick and let them write
a thousand time "I won't ever try to close a shell with my mouse".

I don't think that the question is really that stupid. People are used to the mouse.

So, shouldn't the KILL message be propagated to its child process?
bash could react then. Or is it only propagated if bash would register itself as an (invisible) window, just to receive those parent messages? Just on --login of course.

If so, it should be added IMHO. I know it's stupid, but bash is the most used login shell, which should react somehow.
Reini Urban

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