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Re: 1.5.10: expr + configure failure + testcase (also on 1.5.11-1)

On Mon, Sep 13, 2004 at 09:54:29PM -0400, Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
>The surprise is that the error message:
>"configure: error: invalid package name: extra-includes"
>is produced at time 29722848 by bash 2624 (the main script pid).  This
>is BEFORE the second expr is exec'ed.  This occurs only at time
>29725911 by a forked child 2656 of 2624 Following the output of the
>error message, 2624 proceeds to fork 2384, which apparently does
>nothing.  2624 then waits for 2656 and 2384 and exits.
>In other words the control flow seems to be seriously screwed up.  It
>may be linked to the pid reuse problem in bash, but I know very little
>about it.  Looking at the full trace available from Peter may help.

I was thinking the same thing but AFAIK, ash doesn't have the pid
recycling problem.

IIRC there is a problem with normal bash where it could be confused by
repeating pids even when the pids are separated by a large number.  It
can even happen on linux.

I will create a snapshot with double the number of pids cached in
cygwin.  This will cause the last 8 pids to be held from reuse by

Wasn't there a registry value that controlled how pids were allocated?
I can't find anything appropriate in google.


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