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Re: 1.5.11-1: sftp performance problem

On Sep 9,  1:46pm, Peter Siebold wrote:
-- Subject: 1.5.11-1: sftp performance problem
> I updated to the newest version of cygwin dll on 9/7/4 and after sftp
> suffered performance issues when issuing a get on a large file.  File
> transfers now stall and do not complete.  After downgrading to version
> of 1.5.10-3 of cygwin sftp then it works fine.
-- End of excerpt from Peter Siebold

Hi Peter ...

I am continuing to investigate this issue (see the cygwin-patches mailing
list for ongoing discussions if you're interested).

The problem was triggered by ...

On Sep 4, 11:51pm, Christopher Faylor wrote:
-- Subject: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygwin-1.5.11-1
> Changes since 1.5.10-3:
> ...
> - Fix some problems with rsync hangs on Windows NT class systems. (Bob Byrnes)
-- End of excerpt from Christopher Faylor

Here are some work-arounds that you can use until we have a real fix,
listed in order of most- to least-recommended:

    --  Use slightly smaller buffers with sftp.
        "sftp -B 8192" or even "sftp -B 12288" should work.
        The default buffer size seems to be 16k (in spite of the manpage,
        which claims it is 32k).

    --  Use scp or some other file transfer protocol over ssh,
        like rsync or tar.  The problem seems to affect sftp more
        than other programs.

    --  Downgrade to a version of cygwin before 1.5.11-1.

I hope this helps.


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