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RE: sundry & using rootfs as cygwin-root

linda w wrote:

> Since some fair number of people (including myself) do use the cygwin
> fs root set at C:\, and having done so over win98,me,2000 and xp I've,
> personally, never ran into any problems, I was wondering if anyone
> else *had* run into problems having Cygroot=C:\ ?
> I did run into a problem on a friend's system when I decided to take
> the more conservative approach and install cygwin in the non-root of
> his system -- since it wasn't my sys and didn't want to go against
> the "suggestion" of the cygwin installer...but in using his system
> after that, not having the two roots be synonomous has been nothing
> but a pain.  find commands, locate and such that used to work from
> root now no longer work as expected.  I can't access the whole system
> the way I was used's more like cygwin is installed into a
> separate little compartment over to the side, 
> whereas when
> I install it in root, I am more often using it as a OS adjunct/layer,
> as, I _think_, many people are. 

$ mount -c "/"
$ ls /c
<contents of C:\ listed>
$ mount -c /cygdrive
$ ls /cygdrive/c
<contents of C:\ listed>

I believe this is just what you want, isn't it?
> So I was wondering -- is that warning really _necessary_? and if it
> is, maybe it is only necessary when creating a new install and not
> running an update on an existing install each time?
> Just a minor idea...
> -linda

Someone else said exactly what I think too... there is a load of files in C:\ already. Why do you wish to expand the garbage bin? There are enough of garbage bins on a windows machine IMO.
I've gone even further, I don't want the cygwin dir to be visible in the root of C:\ - As cygwin is just another piece of software, it should go where the others go. i.e. "Program Files" - for a Swedish Windows version this ends up be:

$ cygpath -m /

WFM, really nice too.

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, B.Sc. EE Microcomputer systems            --72-->

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