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Re: sundry & using rootfs as cygwin-root

Hello linda,

I'm relatively new with Cygwin, but making progress...

Saturday, September 11, 2004, 4:48:56 PM, you wrote:

lw> I did run into a problem on a friend's system when I decided to take
lw> the more conservative approach and install cygwin in the non-root of
lw> his system -- since it wasn't my sys and didn't want to go against
lw> the "suggestion" of the cygwin installer...but in using his system
lw> after that, not having the two roots be synonomous has been nothing
lw> but a pain.  find commands, locate and such that used to work from
lw> root now no longer work as expected.  I can't access the whole system
lw> the way I was used's more like cygwin is installed into a
lw> separate little compartment over to the side, whereas when I install
lw> it in root, I am more often using it as a OS adjunct/layer, as, I
lw> _think_, many people are.

I find the opposite.  I find having Cygwin in C:/Cygwin is good.

When I need to find something within the Cygwin system (something I know
is a file or program within Cygwin), "find / ..." works great, and does
not attempt to scan the rest of my disk.  If I need to find something in
some random place on C:, then 'find "C:/" ...' works.

lw> So I was wondering -- is that warning really _necessary_? and if it
lw> is, maybe it is only necessary when creating a new install and not
lw> running an update on an existing install each time?

Can't answer that, but c:/Cygwin works for me.

Bob Menschel

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