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Re: cygwin & wmnew


Please send all Cygwin-related questions to the Cygwin mailing list at
<cygwin at cygwin dot com>.  Private mail about Cygwin is strongly
discouraged unless specifically requested.  Moreover, by sending your
questions to the list you will gain access to more expertise than any one
person can provide, and the answers to your questions will be archived on
the web for others to find.

For your convenience, I've directed this reply to the appropriate list and
set the Reply-To: field accordingly.

More below.

On Sun, 12 Sep 2004, Dauzat Lilian wrote:

> Hi,
> I've to develop software for the wavecom's wismo and I've problem with
> wmnew. I think I've well install cygwin. I've create a directory called
> "test" which contains my source "test.c" and a directory "mak".
> When I want to run wmnew -32 -gcc from my "test" directory, I've this
> message : "Unknow parameter -32; try -h to help..." So, after reading
> the help file, I tried "wmnew -basic" and the result is 2 files located
> in "test" directory : bin.scs and wmnew.opt.
> I don't know what to do in order to create the test.mak file !
> Please help !
> Thanks
> Lilian

AFAICS, according to the Cygwin package search page
(<>), wmnew is not
part of Cygwin.  In fact, the above doesn't sound like it has anything to
do with Cygwin at all.  You might try Googling for the appropriate forum
to ask your wmnew questions.

I may be misreading your query above, so if you do think Cygwin is
involved in some way, please follow up to the Cygwin list.  It may be
best, however, if you read <> (the Cygwin
problem reporting guidelines) before posting.

A WAG: if your problem has to do with wmnew not finding gcc, make sure
that a) you have the 'gcc' package installed (via setup.exe) and (b) the
/bin directory is in your PATH.
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