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cygserver problem max 5 connections

I have a postgres user claiming that cygserver cannot serve more than 5 concurrent connections with postgres.

In my own tests it showed that postmaster really crashed at the parallel regression test suite.
ipcs showed five semaphores and one shm area.
The serial tests work fine with up to 40-100 max_connections.
And the initdb process, which automatically chooses max_connections by trying it out until it works, usually gives 50-100 max_connections.
any comments?

how to debug such concurrency problems?
I have a debug build of cygserver, which obviously cannot serve that many concurrent connections, but doesn't crash either.

There is currently no production release of PostgreSQL that runs more than 5 concurrent sessions in Windows because the releases available for Cygwin, 7.4.3 to 7.4.5 are built with Cygserver which has a bug that have PostgreSQL hung with more than 5 concurrent connections.

I am planning to revert to PostgreSQL 7.1 which is the latest cygwin package built with cygipc (instead of cygserver).

It would be nice to have the latest releases of PostgreSQL rebuilt with cygipc and available
as cygwin packages.

Jean-Pierre Pelletier
Reini Urban

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