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cygwin glib/g_module_build_path

Hi Gerrit,

Using libtool under cygwin, it is quite common that a shared library (eg. cygfoo.dll) is installed in a different directory than the libtool library (eg. would then point to the location of the actual DLL:

# The name that we can dlopen(3).

An application using g_module_build_path would usually assume that a library is installed in the directory where the libtool archive is located.

g_module_build_path as included in the cygwin version does not take any .la libtool archives into account at all, and is therefore likely to return the wrong location for a specific shared library. However, g_module_open *does* know how to handle .la files and find the actual location/filename of the DLL in question.

Should we add a special case to gmodule-win32.c:_g_module_build_path() that checks whether there exists a libtool archive at the specified directory/module_name location (eg. directory + "/lib" + module_name + ".la") and if so return that as a path? Or would there be a better solution for this?


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