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Re: sundry & using rootfs as cygwin-root

linda w wrote:
Since some fair number of people (including myself) do use the cygwin
fs root set at C:\, and having done so over win98,me,2000 and xp I've,
personally, never ran into any problems, I was wondering if anyone else
*had* run into problems having Cygroot=C:\ ?

AFAIK the reasons for this are:

Intermingling cygwin files and directories with Program Files, WINDOWS, and all the other bits windows sticks in C:\ is just... *messy*.

It's good to be able to tell people "to uninstall cygwin, just delete C:\cygwin"

You never know if some other program is going to decide C:\usr would be a good place to install to. I'm fairly sure I came across a Perl installer that did this at some stage.

I did run into a problem on a friend's system when I decided to take the
more conservative approach and install cygwin in the non-root of his
system -- since it wasn't my sys and didn't want to go against the
of the cygwin installer...but in using his system after that, not having
the two roots be synonomous has been nothing but a pain. find commands,
and such that used to work from root now no longer work as expected. I
access the whole system the way I was used's more like cygwin is
installed into a separate little compartment over to the side, whereas when
I install it in root, I am more often using it as a OS adjunct/layer, as,
I _think_, many people are.

I'm using Cygwin as a most important part of my environment, and I don't find it odd to have it in C:\cygwin. In fact, I'd *hate* it to have "Program Files", WINDOWS, and so on cluttering up my '/' directory.

If you dislike typing /cygdrive/c, then set up a symlink at /c.

So I was wondering -- is that warning really _necessary_? and if it is,
it is only necessary when creating a new install and not running an update
on an existing install each time?

That's probably a good idea.


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