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What is executable or not...?

When I am in bash, I can type a completion char for my executable and it will
give me a list of all the executables that could complete my command.

The command completion doesn't give a complete listing of all files, but oddly,
it does include many ".dll's", most that would seem to be

I wanted to find all executables starting with cyg:

/tmp> cyg<ESC>= #vi mode
Display all 142 possibilities? (y or n)
big long list deleted
cygfpx-1.dll                    cygxkbfile-1.dll
cygfreetype-6.dll               cygxkbui-1.dll
cygfreetype-9.dll               cygxml2-2.dll
cyggd-2.dll                     cygz.dll
/tmp> cyggd-2.dll
bash: /bin/cyggd-2.dll: Permission denied

Why does command completion display "dll's"? Is this really desirable
behavior (I just wanted to find all the cygXXX commands...)? Directory names
also show up as executables if they are directories in a directory of your
search path...hmmm.... Is this a bug or a feature? :-) Has it always done


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