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Re: cygserver service won't start

Corinna Vinschen wrote::
On Sep 10 09:47, Alder wrote:


I don't know if this is relevant, but I have to add the "/bin" directory to the cygrunsrv command line in the /bin/cygserver-config file in order to avoid Windows failing to find the 'cygwin1.dll". So, the line I have is:

if ! cygrunsrv -I cygserver -d "CYGWIN cygserver" \
 -p /usr/sbin/cygserver -f "Shared memory manager" \
 -2 /var/log/cygserver.err -e PATH="/bin:$PATH"

Did you know that cygrunsrv adds /bin to $PATH by itself before trying
to run the inferior process for the very reason to find cygwin1.dll?

Adding it explicitely is really unnecessary.  Just to be sure, I tried
it again on my machine and it works fine.

On a perfect platform, perhaps, but like I said, I really had to add it because without it there a Windows dialog would pop up when I ran cygserver telling me that 'Cygwin1.dll' could not be found. That was also true on my previous installation, and one of the reasons I thought it best to reinstall.




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