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RE: File format - UNIX/DOS while installing cygwin ?

To add to my original question:

Once cygwin is installed, how can I check what option I had chosen for
the file format ?
Can this option be changed to chose the other format after cygwin is


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From: Ramneek Singh [] 
Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2004 12:53 AM
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Subject: File format - UNIX/DOS while installing cygwin ?

While installing cygwin, it asks in the wizard whether file format is
unix or dos.
What is this for ?

I mainly am going to use cygwin for PERL. Now, all my files are created
in unix and
I just ftp them over onto the windows machine. Since matching is used in
perl script,
I am wondering if some of the input text files will end up with some
extra characters
At the end of each line which can throw the perl matching off ?

For example if my expected output that I am storing in a file is the
following string:
Output Found Correctly
Then if I ftp such a file over from unix and expect it to work on
windows which
File format should I be selecting ? (I am using word boundary around the
expected output).


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