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Re: bash script doesn't wait for commands to complete -- me too

>>>>> "Dolton" == Dolton Tony AB <> writes:
    >> So, if you are starting more than around 62 subprocesses then
    >> things probably won't work right.
    >> cgf

    Dolton> Thanks for that.  However, although the problem occurs
    Dolton> most frequently with more subprocesses, I occasionally see
    Dolton> it with as few as 2 subprocesses, so I don't think the
    Dolton> limit is coming into play.  I haven't tried more than 50
    Dolton> subprocesses, as I knew there was a hard limit Tony

I've seen similar behavior in my .bash_profile -- one of the last
things it does is invoke "keychain", which almost always winds up
running in the background.  It's true that my .bash_profile starts a
large number of processes, but I don't start any of them in the
background intentionally -- that is, none of the commands in
.bash_profile nor .bashrc end with a single `&'.

I've also occasionally seen commands that I've started by hand at the
command line execute as if they were in the background.  I've never
been able to come up with a simple reliable recipe to reproduce the
problem, though.

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