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Re: rsync + xp sp2 failing (solved!)

Thanks all!

Turns out Aventail Connect was the problem (which was installed right around
same time as SP2).  And here I was blaming it on Bill Gates ... shame on me
:).  Anyway, uninstalling it solved the problem and I'm back in business.

Once again, thanks all for your time and ideas!

-- Joel

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 01:19:34 -0700, Brian Dessent wrote
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > All WSADuplicateSocket calls fail with 10045, "operation is not supported
> > for the type of object referenced", even thought the above created socket
> > handles are referenced.  That's weird.
> > 
> > I'm still running XP SP1 and I can't reproduce this.  I'm wondering if
> > that's a side effect of the new firewall in XP2.  Did you try with
> > switching off the firewall entirely?
> FWIW this error happens frequently enough for Apache under windows that
> it's in their FAQ:
> <>
> ---- quote ----
> Apache for Windows does not start. Error log contains this message:
> "[crit] (10045) The attempted operation is not supported for the 
> type of object referenced: Parent: WSADuplicateSocket failed for 
> socket ###". What does this mean?
> We have seen this problem when Apache is run on systems along with
> Virtual Private Networking clients like Aventail Connect. Aventail
> Connect is a Layered Service Provider (LSP) that inserts itself, as a
> "shim," between the Winsock 2 API and Window's native Winsock 2
> implementation. The Aventail Connect shim does not implement
> WSADuplicateSocket, which is the cause of the failure.
> The shim is not unloaded when Aventail Connect is shut down. Once
> observed, the problem persists until the shim is either explicitly
> unloaded or the machine is rebooted. Another potential solution (not
> tested) is to add apache.exe to the Aventail "Connect Exclusion List".
> Apache is affected in a similar way by any firewall program that 
> isn't correctly configured. Assure you exclude your Apache server ports
> (usually port 80) from the list of ports to block. Refer to your
> firewall program's documentation for the how-to.
> ---- end quote ----
> It's probably not directly related, but there is this blurb about LSP
> from the page on
> ---- quote ----
> Winsock self-healing
> Detailed description
> Winsock, Windows? network socket facility for applications, is
> extensible by a mechanism known as a Layered Service Provider (LSP).
> Winsock LSPs are available for a wide range of useful purposes,
> including internet parental controls, and web content filtering. In
> previous versions of Windows XP, removing a malformed (also known as
> ?buggy?) LSP could result in corruption of the Winsock catalog in the
> registry, potentially resulting in a loss of all network 
> connectivity. Winsock now has the ability to self-heal after a user 
> uninstalls such an LSP. 
> ---- end quote ----
> And finally, although it's probably not relevant, the following passage
> from
might help track down the problem:
> ---- quote ----
> IPv4 Inbound Connections for Applications. An application that completes
> a listen operation on a TCP socket or successfully binds to a UDP socket
> through Winsock is covered by this scenario. Examples of these
> applications include audio and video in MSN or Windows Messenger, or
> hosting a multiplayer game. For this scenario, ICF can automatically
> open and close ports as needed by the application. When an 
> application that needs to listen on a port or ports is being 
> installed by an administrator, it will need to ask the user if 
> he/she wants to allow the application to open ports in the firewall. 
> If the user consents to this, then the application should use the 
> INetFwV4AuthorizedApplication API to add itself to the 
> AuthorizedApplications collection as enabled. If the user does not 
> consent, then the application should use the 
> INetFwV4AuthorizedApplication API to add itself to the 
> AuthorizedApplications collection as disabled.
> ---- end quote ----
> Brian
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