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Re: rsync + xp sp2 failing

Chris Taylor wrote:

> Is it possible this is due to the changes in tcpip.sys and/or the tcp
> stack? I myself am using a hacked one without these changes, so I could
> test things to see if it is, if people can give me a specific set of
> things to do ;-)
> Unfortunately, half of the stuff in this thread went clean over my head,
> so I could easily be barking up the wrong tree....

The change he's referring to is the limit in SP2 meant to catch worms
and malware that connect to random IP addresses.  MS's fix was to
throttle the TCP/IP stack when it reaches 10 outgoing half-open
connections.  Note: that's not 10 connections total, that's 10 half-open
connections, i.e. state SYN_SENT.  This only really happens when you try
to open a bunch of simultaneous connections to non-existant / dark IP
space, which is typical of a worm.  However I doubt that rsync could
possibly trigger this state, so it's likely not relevant.  Nor are the
changes regarding raw sockets.


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