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Re: Is it free to use

Andrew DeFaria wrote:

> Christopher Faylor wrote:
> > This means that if you are developing software for eventual release,
> > you must also make the source code available when you make binaries
> > available.
> If I develop an app and do not wish to have a requirement to install
> Cygwin I would use MingW, right? In that case is my app still under GPL
> just because I used Cygwin's gcc to compile and link the resulting
> executable that will have no more dependencies on Cygwin? (Just curious).

The part that causes it to become GPL'd is the linking to cygwin1.dll,
not the fact that Cygwin's gcc is used.  If you use Cygwin's gcc in
mingw mode then your program does not need cygwin1.dll and the program
may be released under any license you choose, assuming there are no
other GPL libraries to which you link.  cgf meant that by default (with
no command line options to the contrary) Cygwin's gcc creates a binary
linked against the Cygwin dll.


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