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Re: bash script doesn't wait for commands to complete

On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 04:20:19PM +0100, Dolton Tony AB wrote:
>I have a problem whereby a bash script doesn't wait for foreground commands
>to complete. The script in question kicks off a number of background
>processes, and processes their results as they complete.
>A simplified version which exhibits the problem is attached as The
>number of background processes and the number of iterations of the
>foreground commands are supplied as parameters, (e.g. "./ 50 100").
>These values, as well as the length of the sleep may need adjustment
>depending on a machine's performance, to make sure that the sleeps terminate
>squarely within the foreground loop.

Cygwin currently has a hard limit of around 62 subprocesses or so before
things might get confusing.  There is a 63 handle windows limitation
which would take some effort to work around.

So, if you are starting more than around 62 subprocesses then things probably
won't work right.


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