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Re: Problem executing a .bat script in a directory with spaces using bash

Christopher Cobb wrote:

> Conclusion: cmd.exe command line processing is brain dead.
> Among the problems are that cmd.exe looks for /exactly/ one pair of quotes and
> no more (see my previous message).  And that (double) quotes are the /only/ way
> of quoting spaces.

Wow.  Hideous.

I wonder if there would be any demand for a small compiled wrapper
program that understands cygwin mounts and posix paths, but is a win32
app and calls the win32 or nt api directly to avoid all the quoting
ridiculousless.  It would Just Do What I Mean(tm) when called from
either cygwin or cmd, and be able to launch bat files, cmd files, any
other script-file associations known to Windows, with shebang support as

Am I missing something?  Is this really the next level? Should this be
that hard? It seems like doing it with crafty application of bourne
shell scripting is so painful, and still relies on cmd.exe.

Maybe it could be a feature of the 'run' command, so that it also has
the ability to launch programs without a console / in a new session /
whatever it's called.


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