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RE : Error Exim start with inetd and .....


What is the best list for my problem


-----Message d'origine-----
De?: Christopher Faylor []

Envoyé?: mardi 7 septembre 2004 19:44
Objet?: Re: Error Exim start with inetd and .....

This is not a bug reporting mailing list.

I've redirected this to the main cygwin list.

See for details.

On Tue, Sep 07, 2004 at 07:32:00PM +0200, CHAZELLE Robert wrote:
>i use exim 4.41 on cygwin environnement for MTA and uw-ipop3d as pop
>I run inetd with cygrunsrv
>I start uw-ipop3 with inetd, i don-t work with direct cygsrvrun service
>If i start exim with cygrunsrv, it's work correctly (exim-config)
>For a simple acces mode, i would like to start exim with inetd (slow
>memory process in ram, one cygrunsrv ...) ith the line in
>pop3  stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/ipop3d       ipop3d
>smtp  stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/bin/exim            in.exim
>and the good number tcp port in /etc/services
>If i start exim without cygrunsrv, but with inetd it's ok only if i
>a cywin windows open (bash or pdksh)
>If i have not cygwin windows open, i have a error message in
>/var/spool/exim/mesglog in the name file I30KWW-0001IO-CX
>2004-09-07 19:07:44 Received from
> [] U=postfix P=esmtp S=4542
>2004-09-07 19:07:44 I3OKWW-0001IO-CX appendfile transport process
>returned non-zero status 0x0100: exit code 1
>2004-09-07 19:07:44 <>
>R=localuser T=local_delivery defer (2): No such file or directory:
>failed to chdir to /home/defaut
>*** Frozen
>and the mail is stop for never
>Best regards
>Robert C.

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