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Re: Keeping a local mirror up to date (cy: addressed to exclusive sender for this address)

At 06:04 PM 9/3/2004, you wrote:
>Dave Korn wrote:
>>  By design, setup searches through all the download directories, keeps
>>track of all the versions, should know exactly what you've already got and
>>never re-download something you already have; if it ever does, it's a bug.
>For me setup.exe always seems to compare what I actually have INSTALLED with what it downloads rather than what is in the download directory. So I have ended up making local 'mirrors' that are missing essential utilities, because my machine already had them installed. Similarly it seems to download over and over again components I have downloaded but not installed.

Setup is not a mirroring tool.  It is an install tool.  In the process of 
performing the setup, it downloads what you ask for (including dependencies)
and optionally (depending on whether you choose "Download from Internet" or
"Install from Internet") installs what it downloads.  It will not download
these same versions again unless you switch mirrors.  The local archive it
creates can be brought to another machine and installed if desired.  
'setup.exe' will automatically download updated versions of packages you 
have installed, unless otherwise instructed by you.  If you're actually 
trying to create and maintain a mirror, you're better off using tools like 
'wget', 'curl', or 'rsync'.  These tools are meant to provide mirror 
functionality.  'setup.exe' keeps a local archive.  As you've determined 
already, there's a difference between the two notions.


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