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Re: how to link without [repost]

> "the link still fails" provides almost zero useful information.


> Since Corinna went to some effort to add libutil functionality to the
> cygwin DLL a while ago and since I can't see any functions in
> which are missing from cygwin1.dll, I don't see why this didn't work.

Okay, I went back and tried this again, in order to provide the error
message.  Instead I solved the problem.  The line in question in the
Makefile was

        CLIBS+=-cclib -lutil

The first time I looked at this line, in my simplicity I only commented out
the '-lutil', and the link failed (can't remember the error message now). 
This time I commented out the whole line, and the linking completed
successfully.  So yes, it seems that is taken care of by

The real problem here is that the latest Unison Makefile isn't correctly
detecting that it's building in a Cygwin environment.  That's why it
executed the line above.  I'll send a patch to the Unison developers.

Thanks for your help.

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