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Re: how to link without [repost]

On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 10:14:43PM -0400, Andrew Schulman wrote:
>I'm trying to build Unison version 2.9.99.??Compilation?succeeds,?but?
>the link step fails with
>cannot find -lutil
>after running a gcc command that includes '-lutil'.??I've?searched?the?
>Cygwin packages, and it does seem that there's no file libutil.a or 
> in any of them.??On?other?platforms,?this?is?a?standard?
>So is there some other library that I should use in place of libutil.* 
>on Cygwin???I?tried?'ln?-s?libcygwin.a?/usr/lib/libutil.a'?(what?the?
>hell, it was worth a shot) but it failed.
>Other people have asked about this same problem in other forums, but I 
>haven't seen any of them get an answer.

As you noted, the file doesn't exist in the cygwin distribution.  It's
possible that you could just get by with removing it from the link line
entirely since it looks like most of the functions in this library are
in cygwin1.dll.

Otherwise, you'll have to come up with workarounds for the missing


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