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Re: /proc registry access

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

Yes. Cygwin will not process paths that contain a ":" -- perhaps

erroneously, as it should probably check that the ":" is the second
character, preceded by a letter. <>.

   Do you think it would be desirable to have cygwin not encumber itself
with character/filename validity, but instead let it be processed by the
underlying subsystem (or pseudo subsystem, in this case).  Thanks for
the MLADP.

FWIW, if you want to use Cygwin tools to manipulate the registry, you can

use 'regtool'.

   Yeah, but the point of have the registry be like a file system
(or process info be like a file system) is to allow easy access and
manipulation with the normal gnu text utils.  Ran into the problems
using "find"...

gotta figure out how to get cvs to work through a proxy and, maybe
better, set up a cross development environment on linux.  I lost the
last simple set of instructions I had to build the setup command...sigh.

I think for the proxy bit, I seem to remember having to use a sockified

Maybe eventually will it move to my "start-do list" :-).

-- In the marketplace of "Real goods", capitalism is limited by safety regulations, consumer protection laws, and product liability. In the computer industry, what protects consumers (other than vendor good will that seems to diminish inversely to their size)?

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