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Re: openldap 2.2.15-2

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
On Fri, 3 Sep 2004, Robert Schmidt wrote:
I have problems running openldap 2.2.15-2 (cygwin is up-to-date as of this

You have minires-0.97-1 installed. The latest version is 0.98-3. Try upgrading to it. The API has apparently changed between the versions, though the library is not versioned (this is arguably a packaging bug).

I got that far an hour later, but the problem persists.

minires 0.98-3 OK

I've also reinstalled openldap, openldap-devel and minires, and rebooted. Now I've reverted back to minires 0.97-1.

Thanks for the patient pointers on "cygcheck-iquette". I've been using cygwin since the B1x's - I can't imagine a life on Windows without it.
It's only now I've started consuming the mailing lists, though... :-)

[... hundreds more files missing in *.new ...]
apache               1.3.29-2           Incomplete
> Apache packaging is very "cygcheck -c"-unfriendly...

Well, I should have pointed out that I removed those folders myself... :-)

Cheers, Rob

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