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can't open file for writing

I can not save to a nonexistant file name under
Cygwin, but I can under Windows.  

When I type:

   cat "hello" > foo.txt

under Cygwin I get this error message:

   bash: foo.txt: No such file or directory

(unless foo.txt already exists in the current
directory).  This only happens with network
filesystems.  I know I have write permission because I
can create the file with "touch foo.txt", and I can
create the files with Windows Wordpad.  Other programs
under Cygwin also cannot create files, such as vim, 
and co (from the rcs package).  Things work fine for
all programs on the local C: drive.

Why does this problem occur under Cygwin?  Is there
maybe a workaround?

I have not seen anything about this in the Cygwin FAQ
or in two mailing list archive searches.  If there is
already documentation about this, please point me to

I am using Windows XP professional 5.1.2600 SP 1.0,
and Cygwin DLL version 1.5.10-3 (setup program version

Thank you for your consideration,

Christian Schreiner
caschreirc (at) yahoo (dot) com

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