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Change path for php

when i execute autoconf
and then
./configure --with-lang=it

i obtain and error of php not present.

i installed then windows 32 binaries of php4. so i obtain to have

like requested from documentations ()php-doc ho to)

i quote the documentation:
You also need a working copy of PHP 4.x to build the manual. On Windows, you
should put a php.bat file to the phpdoc-tools directory, with a PHP calling
line. You may use the recommended php.ini file as the default settings for
PHP scripts differ from the ones required by phpdoc PHP scripts. The
recommended php.ini file can be found in phpdoc/scripts. Something like this
works (modify this according to your PHP setup directory):

@"C:\php\cli\php.exe" %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

Verify that your directory structure looks like this:

|  |
|  +--CVS
|  |
|  +--en
|  |
|  \--...
   |  |
   |  \--jade.exe (etc)

Now go to the phpdoc directory, and execute:

./configure --with-lang=your_language_code

Substitute your_language_code with a language code you checked out the files
of, and would like to work on. The --with-lang parameter is optional. If you
don't specify it, the default is en (English).


in /etc/profile i indicate PATH as :


it is correct ? so why configure doesn't find it !?

thanx to all

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